The Best LED Grow Lights of 2017

If you’ve ever researched the topic of growing cannabis at home, you have definitely come across LED lights. There was a time when LED lights were highly priced and there weren’t many manufacturers supplying them too. However, technology has grown so fast that you’re now spoilt for choices. In fact, the very first problem is that there are too many choices, and you’re bound to get confused.

But, amongst the vast array of LED lights, there are a few options that are worth your investment. After all, growing cannabis is almost like an investment, so let’s talk about the best LED Grow Lights of 2017.

  • Advanced Platinum P-Series LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights

Advanced Platinum is series is considered one among the Best LED Grow Lights today mainly because the LEDs are made using platinum. The series has several types of light under its arsenal and you can select any of them depending on the space you have. Not only are these lights durable, but they also replace HPS or other lights easily.

For instance, a P450 can be a great substitute for a 600w HPS light and you save more money since the P450 or any other Platinum LED light consumes very little power when compared to HPS lights. Advanced platinum lights are much brighter than other lights, so if even you’re worried that it’s a tad expensive than others, it’s worth your time, money and effort. Yes, there are other cheaper lights available; however, if you’re a serious cannabis grower or are looking to launch a commercial operation, this light’s the one for you.

  • Viparspectra Reflector Series Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Viparspectra has different models including the Reflector and the Dimmable series, but the Reflector has gained more popularity than the others. Right from 300w to 900w, this company has every type of light that can suit small spaces or commercial setups. An added advantage of the Viparspectra is that it’s very affordable, and since you don’t even need to buy any additional fixtures like fans to reduce the temperature, you’re bound to save more money.

Apart from including the full spectrum, Viparspectra has all the other features required to make it a top LED light. If you’re not satisfied with the light for some reason, you can also take advantage of the 90-day return policy. The manufacturer is also offering a 3-year warranty, which shows that this company is here to stay.

  • Marshydro Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Marshydro is a perfect combination of durability and affordability. Since Marshydro has been regularly displaying stellar results with its lights for almost 7 years, customers completely trust the company to introduce even more spectacular lights. The recent addition of the Mars II 1200w is a beast that covers a 4.5’ x 4.5’ ft Grow room with ease. It also comes with 5w LEDs that are intense and powerful.

Most Marshydro lights have separate switches for vegetative and reproduction stages that allow the user to save more power when necessary. If you’re worried that a 1200w light may just be too powerful while emitting a lot of heat, then don’t worry because Marshydro has you covered because all the lights contain equally powerful fans that dissipate the heat.

  • King Plus Double Chips LED Grow Lights

The first thing you’ll notice about King Plus LED lights is that it’s made using the “Double Chip” technology where two 5w LEDs are used instead of normal 3w LEDs. These lights are extremely powerful and are worth the price. It’s also great for commercial operations since the 1200w covers a minimum of 3.5’ x 5.2’ space with ease.

As the lights are equipped with 10w, it’s obvious that a lot more heat will be emitted, but heat will never be a problem because the lights are attached with heavy-duty fans that run continuously to distribute the heat uniformly.

These are some of the Best LED Grow Lights you can get your hands on, but make sure that you determine the space you have before you purchase the lights.

How Can You Tune into A Tiny House Lifestyle?

In the United States, any residential structure under 500 square feet (46 m2) is considered to be a tiny house. Small houses are usually at 1000 square feet (93 m2). Initially, small houses began as a solution – for disaster management. The tiny house movement focused more on bringing attention to affordable and eco-friendly homes. Because of this small dwellings received great attention from media and a television show called Tiny House Nation began in 2014. It seemed to happen because people were intrigued by the idea of building their own house, particularly, their own homes on wheels. Imagine owning a tiny house on wheels just like an RV. These tiny houses use traditional designs, like the larger homes, similar in aesthetics, technique, and materials used. Try looking for tiny houses for sale in sc and you’ll know why.

How can you tune into a tiny house lifestyle?

The solution is totally dependent on the architecture and interiors of the house! Imagine several things in the house that offer multiple services. For instance, the stairs convert into a couch and the stove that becomes a cooking surface as well as a heater. On the other hand, the bed or the ottoman serves as a storage space.

The main idea behind the tiny house is to use-when-in-need and let it go when not in use. How? Imagine you have a bed which takes up space all the day. How can you use that space for something else instead of letting the bed just lay there without any use during the entire day? How about having a foldable bed that converts into a couch which can be used to study during the day? Sounds intriguing, right?

The next most important thing to do is to enhance the space using only what you really need and discard everything else. If you are a person with decorative interests and want to make your tiny house more aesthetic, use something that you think will serve the purpose of beautifying the space without actually occupying a larger portion. This could mean having a painting on the wall concealing a small storage space behind it or even a storage space under the bed. When it comes to maintaining and attuning to tiny house lifestyle, less is more! Think about quality always and not the quantity. As much as possible, try to reuse your stuff or consider recycling them. For instance, get a single porcelain mug for coffee instead of an entire set. Align those books on a shelf which is easily pushed back into the wall.

Another interesting way to make your tiny house more ‘spacious’ is by keeping some areas of the house more open than the others. Consider your living area that can easily allow you to walk into the kitchen. Save some space by having a spiral staircase instead of the general one. Many people who have attuned themselves to the tiny house living have shared their secret – to get out more and get busier. Living in a tiny house can be both satisfying but at the same time a bit frustrating. For a breather, go out often and keep yourself occupied.


Small spaces are getting increasingly popular, considering the rate at which the materialistic world is expanding and also the need for saving some money on mortgages. Even though a tiny house is less expensive, easy to construct, help save money, and easy to maintain, they have been discriminated and also faced some hostility from the neighbourhood as most people who see tiny houses have a fear that its presence in the locality could impact their property valued negatively.

Why Is An Air Mattress A Must Have When Traveling With Your Kid?

Travelling with kids can be overwhelming especially when you start wondering where they’ll sleep. symbolically, kids and sleep are like water and oil. So getting them to sleep comfortably is a real hassle.

Quite often, you can book a hotel with enough beds but again this is too expensive. Don’t forget that apart from getting your kid to sleep you also want to ensure your kid gets maximum comfort.

Therefore, the other possible alternative is for you to carry an air mattress for your kids. Air mattresses have emerged as a darling to parents traveling with their kids.

Equipping yourself with an air mattress can make your vacation worthwhile. Although air mattresses have many great benefits, you must find the right one for your kids based on size, age, and preferences.

After seeing many parents having a hard time trying to get their kids to sleep during vacations I decided to write this article. It explains the reasons you must carry an air mattress for your kid.

  • It is super easy to travel with

Kids traveling beds are specially designed such that you can easily travel with it. It is often compact, cozy and with a convenient carry bag. That is not; these mattresses use air to gain shape.

Because of this, they are always lightweight and this adds to the convenience of transportation. At the end of the day, you will have a great sleeping environment for your toddler everywhere you go.

  • It will save you money

Because booking a hotel with enough beds for every child is expensive. An air mattress gives you more choices when booking for accommodation. You do not need a room with many beds provided you have an air mattress. Sometimes people even claim it as the best mattress.

  • Your toddler will sleep in a familiar environment

Getting your kid to sleep in a strange new place can be the difficult task. In the first place, your kid will be hard enough to sleep in a new environment and this means you too will neither sleep.

However, traveling with an air mattress can give you an easy time getting your kid to sleep perhaps because the toddler is used to it.

  • It is comfortable

Do not forget kids are fragile and a slight noise can get him/her awake. The good thing about air mattresses is that they are very soft so they hug your kids well. In addition to this, they do not produce squeaky noises that can disturb your little one.

  • Safe

If you’re a parent like me you already know that nothing is precious than the safety of your little one. You will want to ensure that your kid is safe while asleep.

Kids have a tendency to roll over while asleep, an air mattress makes a good deal because they allow the baby to turn with ease. Above all, the mattress has a low height and security rails, which offer a complete protection making them a safe option.

Before I forget, some mattress in many hotels are not hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and these are hypersensitivities waiting to happen.

Of cause, you do not want to run up and down with your toddler looking for medication. The good thing with air mattresses is that they are BPA-safe, Lead-safe, and phthalate-safe.

  • Easy to set up

All you need to get the bed ready is a pump to inflate it. When you want to get it down you just open the exit valve and it collapses within no time. Most of this mattress come with their own pump, which makes it super easy to set up.

  • Durability and value for money

Most of these mattresses are made from a very tough material. This means it can go through so much abuse without developing an issue. It is high durability ensures that you get the real value of your money in the end.


To this end, you will agree with me that a toddler air mattress is a must-have gift for every parent who wants to travel with his/her kid. The benefits of an air mattress are: easy to inflate, comfortable, safe, easy carry, economical and offers a familiar environment everywhere you go. An air mattress is all your kid needs when sleeping in a hotel.

What are the most Popular Mattresses right now?

We usually spend about 6 to 8 hours. Sometimes we may feel lazy and may have to spend more time in bed. Hence, many people would like to spend more money to have the best mattress for a perfect sleep. Actually, it brings no sense sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress after a day’s struggles and stress. Therefore, you need a new mattress to help give you enough rest and resume the next day rejuvenated.

However, there is a possibility you will be overwhelmed with a lot of mattress types and brands in the market. So, the big question is what are the most popular mattresses you can get in the market right now?

Below is a list of the most popular mattresses in the online markets based on their online reviews:

  1. Casper mattress

This is one of the most popular mattresses in the market right now. It is a mattress that is known for its cooling or bounces effect of latex and contouring properties of memory foam. It is an exceptionally comfortable mattress you purchase at a fair price. It is a mattress made of four different layers of foam with about 1.5” top layer made of poly foam. This layer provides the most cooling, comfort and bounce for this mattress. It is one of the best mattresses you can get in the market now for many reasons such as:

  • Great cooling effect
  • Great support and comfort
  • Firmness is the best for all sleeping positions.
  1. Leesa Mattress

This is another popular mattress with an exceptional design and balance. It is a mattress that is made around maximizing value. The foams and other construction materials used follow criteria that have a big impact on its performance giving a result that is an incredible value for money.

The top layer of this mattress is made of 2” Avena which is similar to latex but more durable. The middle layer is made of 2” memory foam while the bottom layer is made of 6”support foam.

Leesa mattress is designed as a universal comfort mattress that offers great support and relieves pressure for sleepers of different positions and body weight. The quality selection of materials in this mattress makes it the best mattress for a perfect feel and consistent firmness that meets the need of many sleepers.

  1. Loom & Leaf Mattress

This is a high-density memory foam mattress that is associated with excessive heat retention due to the top gel layer. It is 12” thick with 5 different layers made of foam materials. The layers of foam materials work together to give support and comfort that help relieve body pressure without sacrificing desirous feel. They are considered to be the best mattress for side sleepers.

  1. Saatva Mattress

It is one of the most popular mattresses in online mattress industry. It is the only mattress in this list with a coil-on-coil pillow for better support. This gives it a luxury mattress feel which makes it unique and exceptional. It is made up of several layers of coils and foam that help give spinal support and comfort needed by every sleeper.

  1. Amerisleep Mattress

This is also among the most popular mattresses in the world right now. The unique and experienced manufacturing of this mattress comes with different foams of high specification and performance level. Amerisleep offers an exceptional comfort and pressure relief while still considering responsiveness and cooling effect.

  1. Helix

It is a completely personalized and customized mattress that gives you a feel that is well suited for your needs. It has different layers of:

  • 2” poly foam
  • 2” helix dynamic foam
  • 4” pocketed micro-coils
  • 4” foam at the base

The mattress is able to provide a wide range of feels and support based on your body weight and body type among other preferences.

What Are You – an Early Bird or Night Owl?

Early Birds

Early Birds are generally individuals who love to get up at the first light and usually use the increasing sun as their natural alarm clock.

It does not take much to get them from bed and once their feet struck the floor, well they are nearly immediately ready to start doing whatever has to be done.

Some may switch on the tunes, singing along gladly and depend on date on world news before the sun has even peek its whole head over the horizon …

Around midday, their chirpy state of mind begins to subside, giving way for the unusual grumpiness that begins to embed in. By the time the sun is preparing to retire for the day, the bed has to do with the only place that will welcome their company …

These Early Bird people need “unwind” activities during the night. Now, meet the Night Owls, who need “unwind” activities in the early morning … We are all mindful that everything in nature has an opposite, so it goes without stating that the Night Owls have a rightful place in this world too …

Night Owls

These are the people that need a truly loud sounding alarm clock to jolt them from their dreams. The snooze button should be clearly huge and simple to strike with eyes still securely closed.

Getting up early is not an enjoyable experience for them. Provided the tiniest opportunity they will happily doze up until well into the early morning.

When they ultimately venture from bed, they appear to daze around for a couple of more hours before they handle to get themselves dressed and ready for the day.

Normally they will find some errands or simple and easy tasks to pass the very first half of the day. By midday, they are normally ready to take a little nap …

But once they awake from the nap, there is no stopping them. Their minds start racing in a crazy style from the one task to the other and they start carrying out wonders, working well into the night, relatively simple and easy …

If you are thinking about starting your very own business, it is critically important to figure out when you work best and to pick a business that enables you to work when you are at your peak performance levels.

When you work for yourself, there is no income just for appearing to work! No, you really need to produce concrete lead to order to get paid.

Running your very own business is no joke, but the benefits deserve much more than the preliminary effort that you need to put in. But, here is an unknown trick for you …

If your business needs you to work versus your innate natural performance pattern, you will most likely stop working no matter how hard you try. It is truly as basic as that.

Take a look at it in this manner, if business needs you to make crucial sales calls very first thing in the early morning, the Night Owl will undoubtedly stop working because he merely will not feel ready for that kind of pressure very first thing in the early morning.

Likewise, if business needs sales calls that can only be done after hours, the Early Bird will stop working just because he is not at his peak performance levels at night.

In both cases, the people will start experiencing high levels of disappointment and start believing that they are not efficient in doing what it requires to be successful and many will likely stop attempting at this moment.

But in truth, both people might have had success, had they been dealing with their innate natural performance patterns. Some entrepreneur need to find a system that permits them to work throughout routine workplace hours, while for others they need a system that permits them to work after hours.

So, where do you begin to find a business that enables you that kind of versatility. E-commerce is the response. It permits you to take complete control of every minute you seem like working, no matter what the time of day or night is.

Early Birds and Night Owls alike can run at complete possible 24/7 and it is the only business service where it is never ever far too late or prematurely to grow your business into the effective endeavor you have actually always wished for.

Legalizing Marijuana – What Would the Impact Be?

The United States, along with many other nations throughout the world, invests numerous countless dollars each year in its war on drugs. Avoiding and prosecuting the circulation of illicit drugs into the US is not only pricey, but also needs a huge quantity of workforce and resources. In many circumstances these costs appear needed but in relation to cannabis, a drug that disappears damaging or fatal than alcohol or tobacco, it is even more tough to validate these expenses. What would happen if cannabis was legalized and the federal government had the ability to greatly tax all sales of the substance?


For a state like California, where cannabis represent $14 billion a year in sales, such a tax might create big earnings. In reality, not only is cannabis the state’s greatest crop, but it represents nearly two times as much in sales as the state’s second biggest farming item- milk and cream ($7.3 billion a year). A just recently proposed California expense targeted at legislating and taxing cannabis might produce an approximated $1.3 billion a year in income for the state. Some have actually approximated that an extra $1 billion a year might be conserved for the state by removing the arrests, prosecutions, and jail times connected with cannabis use and circulation. It is difficult to anticipate precisely how such policies would change the supply and need of the drug. Nevertheless, it does appear most likely that the need for cannabis would increase with legalization. This higher need would result in increased sales and in turn higher profits, depending upon how the rate of the substance modifications.


Challengers of cannabis legalization indicate the possible unfavorable repercussions of such a policy. While the particular threat to the individual cannabis user might be restricted, the indirect influence on others might be even more unsafe. Some question why the federal government, whose job it is to secure its people, would opt to include another hazardous product into the mix of tobacco, alcohol, and other harmful compounds. Furthermore, it is argued that the possible health and social damage produced from the increased occurrence of cannabis should be included in any formula looking for to figure out the financial value of legalization.

The response is money. As states are required to cut their spending plans and slash money from education and fundamental services, the profits that might be created from legalization and tax of cannabis start to appear increasingly more enticing. Even more, cannabis is currently extensively used throughout the nation, suggesting that while legalization may increase its frequency the United States is currently handling its repercussions now. It may be time for the federal government to acknowledge cannabis’s frequency and benefit from it, instead of attempt to continue waging an expensive war it has actually been losing for years.

From Big Houses to Tiny Homes – For the Better

Tiny homes function as a restored idea in property. After years of building larger and larger houses, a couple of people are acknowledging the effect of big homes on the environment. Rather, they are choosing these tiny houses that supply much required flexibility. Now there are business that construct these houses, sell layout, lease or sell them. Regardless of the resemblance to Recreational Vehicle or camper, these houses provide an alternative living style. With a size under 500 square feet, it’s not a way of life accepted by the bulk, but the appeal is increasing. As a kind of long-term home, these small houses have their own distinct set of advantages and difficulties.


Firstly, smaller sized houses provide financial flexibility that most Americans might only dream of. Image a life without stressing over mortgage payments. What would you finish with that money? Image not needing to work so hard to pay the mortgage, what would you finish with your time? These small homes also have much smaller sized utility expenses. A few of these houses have pipes and electrical energy similar to a routine house, only on a much smaller sized scale that causes much smaller sized utility expenses. The more eco-conscious locals might set up a photovoltaic panel and use gas for heat throughout the winter season. Some decide to use composting toilets that turns human excretion into garden compost. In this case, no septic tank is needed.


There is also geographical liberty. Thinking about the number of people make long commutes daily because the large home they can manage is up until now away, small houses provide the geographical versatility as they use up so little land. Previous research proof revealed there was a link in between long commute and bad health. Those who drive fars away to work have the tendency to be less physically active and struggle with high blood pressure. Tiny houses are simple to move as the owner transfers, conserving moving expenditures. Smaller sized home also requires the owner to broaden their living area onto a deck, garden, and surrounding area. This works for those enjoying the outdoors and getting in touch with nature.

No Excess

What brings in people to a small home is more than its size; it’s the way of life behind it. Restricted area forces people to reduce unneeded ownerships. In the land of excess, many people own way more than they need. When created effectively, these small houses can serve all functions of routine sized houses.

There are lots of difficulties to residing in a house the size of a walk-in closet. Small area can quickly get jumbled if one escapes the minimalist frame of mind. It also might result in cabin fever throughout days of harsh weather condition.

Not all areas welcome mini homes. Some have building regulations that define a variety of home sizes. Next-door neighbors might abhor them in worry of a drop in realty value. On top of that, how different do you want to be from your pals or associates? Our house is a screen of our status, wealth, and success.

After all, it takes an unique sort of state of mind, character, and inspiration to select small houses over enormous estates. On one hand, there’s flexibility from financial and geographical restraints. On the other hand, there’s an excellent social standard to comply with in order to suit. Could you reside in a small house?