Pool Enclosure Warranties are Not Equal, Read the Warranty.

Keep in mind that pool enclosure warranties can differ and are not equal. This can differ from one manufacturer to the other and also differ on the basis of the pool enclosures style that you have installed over your pool or patio. There are different types of swimming pool enclosures you can find now days. They are made of different materials with different designs. Due to this reason, the warranties related to such pool enclosures can also differ. It is always good to read a number of manufactures warranty before you buy a pool enclosures or patio enclosures.It’s too late to read it when you have it built and having a problem.

Swimming pool enclosures are required when you want to safeguard the pool environment during different seasons like summer, winter and rainy days. As a pool is a big investment for just about anyone, protecting and maintaining it is also essential. In order to do this, you need to assign swimming pool covers and enclosures for it. Now you can find many different swimming pool enclosures like retractable enclosure or telescopic pool enclosures, swimming pool enclosures, fixed enclosures or patio enclosures that full cover the area required. Well, these enclosures come with a warranty.So, you need to read and understand Pool Enclosure Warranties in order to make the right decision.

Failed Pool Enclosure

When winter is on, you should take care of the fact that heavy snow will deposit on the pool enclosure. Just four inches or ten centimeters of wet snow can produce the weight of hundreds of lbs/kgs. Putting a lot of stress on the structure and risk it failing if it was not designed correctly. You may think that it should not be a problem. But even a little snow and ice can look like it won’t weigh much but in fact it can.So if you live in an area of heavy snow or wind ensure you read the warranty carefully.For all Pool Enclosures are not made equal.

Some enclosure systems require the owners to remove snow and ice from the enclosures or the owners consider the employees temporary to remove the snow and ice.If they don’t the warranty to be invalid. Some patio enclosures require support poles for the enclosure in order to keep it safe.  Other enclosures require them to be moved indoors from high winds. But the real question is why would anyone design and build an enclosure that requires snow to be removed or poles to be added.

Pool Enclosure warranty:

It may lapse if you fail to file it within the warranty period.

The warranty may not cover the damage that is incurred due to improper use. Like 4 inches of snow or winds higher than 60 mph or 100 km/hr

If you are living in an area where snow falls or have high winds read the warranty first. Almost anywhere on this worlds will see high winds. So it is a must to ask if any other pool enclosures have failed. A warranty should give you peace of mind. Not brooms, shovels and poles in hand for snow and wind. So a social alert international is to read the warranty and ask a lot of questions.

Owners of the swimming pool enclosures should also ensure they have insurance on the enclosures as a normal precaution to cover the whole structure in case of major damage, like fire or accidental damage.