In the United States, any residential structure under 500 square feet (46 m2) is considered to be a tiny house. Small houses are usually at 1000 square feet (93 m2). Initially, small houses began as a solution – for disaster management. The tiny house movement focused more on bringing attention to affordable and eco-friendly homes. Because of this small dwellings received great attention from media and a television show called Tiny House Nation began in 2014. It seemed to happen because people were intrigued by the idea of building their own house, particularly, their own homes on wheels. Imagine owning a tiny house on wheels just like an RV. These tiny houses use traditional designs, like the larger homes, similar in aesthetics, technique, and materials used. Try looking for tiny houses for sale in sc and you’ll know why.

How can you tune into a tiny house lifestyle?

The solution is totally dependent on the architecture and interiors of the house! Imagine several things in the house that offer multiple services. For instance, the stairs convert into a couch and the stove that becomes a cooking surface as well as a heater. On the other hand, the bed or the ottoman serves as a storage space.

The main idea behind the tiny house is to use-when-in-need and let it go when not in use. How? Imagine you have a bed which takes up space all the day. How can you use that space for something else instead of letting the bed just lay there without any use during the entire day? How about having a foldable bed that converts into a couch which can be used to study during the day? Sounds intriguing, right?

The next most important thing to do is to enhance the space using only what you really need and discard everything else. If you are a person with decorative interests and want to make your tiny house more aesthetic, use something that you think will serve the purpose of beautifying the space without actually occupying a larger portion. This could mean having a painting on the wall concealing a small storage space behind it or even a storage space under the bed. When it comes to maintaining and attuning to tiny house lifestyle, less is more! Think about quality always and not the quantity. As much as possible, try to reuse your stuff or consider recycling them. For instance, get a single porcelain mug for coffee instead of an entire set. Align those books on a shelf which is easily pushed back into the wall.

Another interesting way to make your tiny house more ‘spacious’ is by keeping some areas of the house more open than the others. Consider your living area that can easily allow you to walk into the kitchen. Save some space by having a spiral staircase instead of the general one. Many people who have attuned themselves to the tiny house living have shared their secret – to get out more and get busier. Living in a tiny house can be both satisfying but at the same time a bit frustrating. For a breather, go out often and keep yourself occupied.


Small spaces are getting increasingly popular, considering the rate at which the materialistic world is expanding and also the need for saving some money on mortgages. Even though a tiny house is less expensive, easy to construct, help save money, and easy to maintain, they have been discriminated and also faced some hostility from the neighbourhood as most people who see tiny houses have a fear that its presence in the locality could impact their property valued negatively.

How Can You Tune into A Tiny House Lifestyle?