If you’ve ever researched the topic of growing cannabis at home, you have definitely come across LED lights. There was a time when LED lights were highly priced and there weren’t many manufacturers supplying them too. However, technology has grown so fast that you’re now spoilt for choices. In fact, the very first problem is that there are too many choices, and you’re bound to get confused.

But, amongst the vast array of LED lights, there are a few options that are worth your investment. After all, growing cannabis is almost like an investment, so let’s talk about the best LED Grow Lights of 2017.

  • Advanced Platinum P-Series LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights

Advanced Platinum is series is considered one among the Best LED Grow Lights today mainly because the LEDs are made using platinum. The series has several types of light under its arsenal and you can select any of them depending on the space you have. Not only are these lights durable, but they also replace HPS or other lights easily.

For instance, a P450 can be a great substitute for a 600w HPS light and you save more money since the P450 or any other Platinum LED light consumes very little power when compared to HPS lights. Advanced platinum lights are much brighter than other lights, so if even you’re worried that it’s a tad expensive than others, it’s worth your time, money and effort. Yes, there are other cheaper lights available; however, if you’re a serious cannabis grower or are looking to launch a commercial operation, this light’s the one for you.

  • Viparspectra Reflector Series Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Viparspectra has different models including the Reflector and the Dimmable series, but the Reflector has gained more popularity than the others. Right from 300w to 900w, this company has every type of light that can suit small spaces or commercial setups. An added advantage of the Viparspectra is that it’s very affordable, and since you don’t even need to buy any additional fixtures like fans to reduce the temperature, you’re bound to save more money.

Apart from including the full spectrum, Viparspectra has all the other features required to make it a top LED light. If you’re not satisfied with the light for some reason, you can also take advantage of the 90-day return policy. The manufacturer is also offering a 3-year warranty, which shows that this company is here to stay.

  • Marshydro Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Marshydro is a perfect combination of durability and affordability. Since Marshydro has been regularly displaying stellar results with its lights for almost 7 years, customers completely trust the company to introduce even more spectacular lights. The recent addition of the Mars II 1200w is a beast that covers a 4.5’ x 4.5’ ft Grow room with ease. It also comes with 5w LEDs that are intense and powerful.

Most Marshydro lights have separate switches for vegetative and reproduction stages that allow the user to save more power when necessary. If you’re worried that a 1200w light may just be too powerful while emitting a lot of heat, then don’t worry because Marshydro has you covered because all the lights contain equally powerful fans that dissipate the heat.

  • King Plus Double Chips LED Grow Lights

The first thing you’ll notice about King Plus LED lights is that it’s made using the “Double Chip” technology where two 5w LEDs are used instead of normal 3w LEDs. These lights are extremely powerful and are worth the price. It’s also great for commercial operations since the 1200w covers a minimum of 3.5’ x 5.2’ space with ease.

As the lights are equipped with 10w, it’s obvious that a lot more heat will be emitted, but heat will never be a problem because the lights are attached with heavy-duty fans that run continuously to distribute the heat uniformly.

These are some of the Best LED Grow Lights you can get your hands on, but make sure that you determine the space you have before you purchase the lights.

The Best LED Grow Lights of 2017

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