Travelling with kids can be overwhelming especially when you start wondering where they’ll sleep. symbolically, kids and sleep are like water and oil. So getting them to sleep comfortably is a real hassle.

Quite often, you can book a hotel with enough beds but again this is too expensive. Don’t forget that apart from getting your kid to sleep you also want to ensure your kid gets maximum comfort.

Therefore, the other possible alternative is for you to carry an air mattress for your kids. Air mattresses have emerged as a darling to parents traveling with their kids.

Equipping yourself with an air mattress can make your vacation worthwhile. Although air mattresses have many great benefits, you must find the right one for your kids based on size, age, and preferences.

After seeing many parents having a hard time trying to get their kids to sleep during vacations I decided to write this article. It explains the reasons you must carry an air mattress for your kid.

  • It is super easy to travel with

Kids traveling beds are specially designed such that you can easily travel with it. It is often compact, cozy and with a convenient carry bag. That is not; these mattresses use air to gain shape.

Because of this, they are always lightweight and this adds to the convenience of transportation. At the end of the day, you will have a great sleeping environment for your toddler everywhere you go.

  • It will save you money

Because booking a hotel with enough beds for every child is expensive. An air mattress gives you more choices when booking for accommodation. You do not need a room with many beds provided you have an air mattress. Sometimes people even claim it as the best mattress.

  • Your toddler will sleep in a familiar environment

Getting your kid to sleep in a strange new place can be the difficult task. In the first place, your kid will be hard enough to sleep in a new environment and this means you too will neither sleep.

However, traveling with an air mattress can give you an easy time getting your kid to sleep perhaps because the toddler is used to it.

  • It is comfortable

Do not forget kids are fragile and a slight noise can get him/her awake. The good thing about air mattresses is that they are very soft so they hug your kids well. In addition to this, they do not produce squeaky noises that can disturb your little one.

  • Safe

If you’re a parent like me you already know that nothing is precious than the safety of your little one. You will want to ensure that your kid is safe while asleep.

Kids have a tendency to roll over while asleep, an air mattress makes a good deal because they allow the baby to turn with ease. Above all, the mattress has a low height and security rails, which offer a complete protection making them a safe option.

Before I forget, some mattress in many hotels are not hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and these are hypersensitivities waiting to happen.

Of cause, you do not want to run up and down with your toddler looking for medication. The good thing with air mattresses is that they are BPA-safe, Lead-safe, and phthalate-safe.

  • Easy to set up

All you need to get the bed ready is a pump to inflate it. When you want to get it down you just open the exit valve and it collapses within no time. Most of this mattress come with their own pump, which makes it super easy to set up.

  • Durability and value for money

Most of these mattresses are made from a very tough material. This means it can go through so much abuse without developing an issue. It is high durability ensures that you get the real value of your money in the end.


To this end, you will agree with me that a toddler air mattress is a must-have gift for every parent who wants to travel with his/her kid. The benefits of an air mattress are: easy to inflate, comfortable, safe, easy carry, economical and offers a familiar environment everywhere you go. An air mattress is all your kid needs when sleeping in a hotel.

Why Is An Air Mattress A Must Have When Traveling With Your Kid?

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